Design Wank: Eggs on a stick


I simply had to post this as it's possibly the worst invention of the 21st Century. The Rollie Egg Master uses 'Vertical cooking technology' to produce a cylinder of egg that's so easy to eat that even a young professional can pick one up and take it with him as he heads out of the door to work. YOU'RE EATING EGGS WITH YOUR BARE HANDS.

Alas that is the wonder of this product. Check out their promotional video below that begins with some of the laziest and unmotivated egg cooking you will ever see and then SOMEONE WHO EATS EGGS WITH GRAPES AND ORANGE.

The Rollie Eggmaster- For those too fucking lazy to boil an egg:


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It’s Happening

Thanks to RedBull,

Just watch it happen, jumping to Earth from space is what I want in my life.

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I hope you are all familiar with Epic Rap Battles of History, if not, read up.

I did not think they could get more entertaining, but, as per usual, I was mistaken,

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And Again,

Why, why are these guys so funny?

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The folks at are awesome

And then I rais you this:

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Hello everyone, I am writing to convey my frustration: Facebook. It has helped me stay in touch with people I would no longer know, however, I feel that most of the information I am about to provide will have little to do with that specific function.

I was curious to know how much time people, en mass, spend on Facebook, and to my horror I found out. According to, Facebook users spend a staggering 740 billion minutes on Facebook a month. Does that not compute? Let me break it down, that translates to just north of 1.4 million YEARS of time spent on Facebook a month.. What the... how the... What are we losing as a result? or would this time just be spent masturbating? Or reading, or.. I feel as though almost anything else would be arguably more productive than spending time of Facebook.

I appeal to your reason, to your courage and to your sanity: if you are not bothered by that information, stop wasting my oxygen..

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